Thursday, August 12, 2010

No wetness please!

Quinn is so sensitive to wetness he burns pretty much as soon as he has wet. I was given a few very popular nappies to try. While they were cute and the concept was great I found the SIO were not stay dry thanks to the hourglass booster shifting leaving the trifold exposed.

Thankfully I've never been one to shy away from modifying a product to suit my needs so I ordered some beautiful buttery soft microfleece from Nappies Covered and topped the trifold! Instant staydry all the way though.

Now I have time to catch Quinn and pin him down without having to worry about his skin ;D


Honeybomb Bay said...

Great idea, Mel!

Mahogany Turtle said...

I think Quinn TT'ed about 2 days after this post LOL!!