Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I've started using cloth nappies recently and was admiring some longies, while I can do VERY basic knitting, for me it is a very time consuming task so the prospect of knitting longies was upcycled some from a wool jumper.

I felted the rest of the jumper and made Quinn this cute little tote ;D


Ellie Tat said...

That's my next project, I already got a jumper off my husband (for some reason he was very reluctant to part with it, even though it had shrunk and had holes in it) and now I am looking for a good and easy pattern... Any suggestions? Thanks

Mahogany Turtle said...

hi Ellie
I just used a pair of the boys pants as a patten, If you pop one leg indside the other it will give you the perfect crotch curve, just remember to add seam allowance and to stretch the top elastic in the pants, if they have elastic, to get the right waist measurement. Allow at least 5cm above the waist band for turning....I found a bigger top seam much easier to work with on the wool.
Sew in stretch stitch if you machine has it....or even better an overlocker (which I need :( )
Oh and for the leg hem....just line it up with the jumper waist band I also lined the pants up with the jumpers side seams so all I needed to sew was the crotch, inner leg and the waist.

Hope that helps....if I was not clear just ask ;D

Ellie Tat said...

Great, thanks! So far it is clear, but this might change once I start sewing :)