Friday, December 19, 2008

A Posey Basket for Miss Ella

This is for my best friends daughter who I will get to see this Christmas!! They live about 7 hours away! I miss them all so much.
I think this looks so cute. I can't wait to do one in my Hello Dolly! or Fresh as a Daisy fabric.....


boringsahm said...

I love that bag, I want one! What a great picnic or beach tote! Loving your work MJ

purplehappytree said...

G, that is awesome!
How did you make it?


Mahogany Turtle said...

Tina, I lined it and made handles and the matching decorations on the front...I didn't make the basket though, I'm not that clever >:)
I'm going to do a Hello Dolly! one tomorrow ;)

Jo it's a small basket more little girl size so maybe not so great for a tote, but no reason why a larger one coudn't be done the same way :)

boringsahm said...

Ready and waiting for the large version... :)