Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Unveiling the new fabric design from Mahogany Turtle. Inspired by the just about to flower Magnolia tree outside my front door.


boringsahm said...

Wow M-J it's been a long time! I saw your post at CK, I don't go there that often (I should as the waistline isn't as trim as it should be these days!) and was excited to see you there! Love your design's and your littlest man is SO cute too. xox (aka MamaJJ)

Mahogany Turtle said...

Thanks Jo! I am so glad you said hi! I hear you on the waistline!
Hope you and your family are well. The boys must be huge now!!
Quinn is a sweeite isn't he!!
take care xxx

Honeybomb Bay said...

It's such a cool design Mel! Is that pale pink in there? Very exciting to see you steaming ahead with it all =0D

Len said...

I just voted for your fabric and hope it wins so that I can purchase it for my throw pillows. Keep the fresh and interesting ideas coming.


Mahogany Turtle said...

Lisa it's a lilac/pinky sort of shade ;)
Len thank you so much for your vote. If you do get to purchase some please share some pictures of your finished pillows.